Hi Performance Coatings
Powder Coat

We coat just about everything,


  Break Calipers, Wheels, Engine components just

  to name a few.

* Industrial:

  Components of all kinds from Electrical to    



  From Gates to Lawn furniture you name it and we 

  probably coat it.

Ceramic Coating


This is a very specialized procedure, whether you want Cermichrome or Custom color ceramic coating we can handle the job. We work with some of the industry’s highest profile customers, these customers demand only the best for their hi-end product line and they trust us to do their coatings.         

Here are a few names you might recognize:

Yoshimura Exhaust         www.yoshimuraexhaust.com

Doug Thorley Headers   www.dougthorleyheaders.com 

Two Brothers Racing      www.twobros.com

Funco                               www.funcomotorsports.com/#!

CBM Motorsports           www.custombuiltmotors.com

Extreme Performance    www.extremeperformance1.com

American Made               www.american-made.com/

Suspension Unlimited    www.susandcars.com/

Sport Ice                           www.sporticeusa.com/

Scotty's Muffler               www.scottysmuffler.com

Solo Moto sports


Pro Header

Race Power Corp


Silver, Chrome, Black

Sand Blasting


*We offer metal stripping


 Material preperation is half the battle in the painting 

 and coating business.